About Fairytale Studios


In a world that’s grown so serious, the Fairytale Studios Portrait Experience gives your child (children) a chance to imagine and dream, and a moment to step out of reality and into a magical fairy garden where our expert artists use interactive play to create timeless heirloom portraits that you will enjoy as a family treasure! Your child will always remember this special adventure.

The Fairytale experience includes makeup/light styling, access to our enchanting wardrobe and our whimsical props, magical fairydust and so much more.  Watch your children’s eyes light up when they see themselves dressed up, walking into a timeless storybook scene where they are the lead character!


Imagine your child’s joy when he/she sees their own heirloom art displayed in your home!  Give your precious one a gift that continues to inspire and delight him/her for a lifetime!

J. Oates custom wall art, our fantasy storybooks and folios, and leather bound image boxes are offered exclusively for our Fairytale images and are a wonderful way to remember this experience for years to come. Your purchased images will include our portrait artist’s magical touches such as fairy dust, wings, sparkles and lights.

Your Child’s Enchanted Garden Portrait Reservation includes:
  • Approximately 90 minutes at our fine art portrait studio in Boise, with our staff and studio completely blocked out for just you and your family

  • A same-day VIP portrait presentation—view your child’s expressive images right after the session and order your heirloom art which will be shipped right to your home!

  • Access to our magical Storybook Garden set. Your child will be able to imagine and pretend while interacting with creatures and props in this magical setting.

  • A special Fairy Dust gift for your child as well as an official Fairy Wings Certificate

  • Complimentary sparkles, stars and light added to every portrait.

  •  Beautiful dresses and flower crowns for girls and shirts and knickers provided for boys.

  • Light styling, pampering and makeup for girls

  • Complimentary social media images with any wall portrait or collection purchase

Please note: All prints and products are sold separately. We specialize in printed heirloom artwork and therefore do not offer printable digital files.

What can I get with my portrait credit?

Glad you asked!  Here are a few of our most popular fine art options:


Wall art with impact

Our Masterpiece Wall Portraiture (sized 18” and above) is a hand-finished work of art like no other!  Your breath-taking image will be adorned with magical extras—bits of light, stardust, enchanting fairy wings, reflective water and more.  Our portrait artist’s attention to detail ensures Your painted canvas wall art will be a cherished treasure for your family. You and your child will escape back into a fairytale world every time you look at it!


Wall art that tells a charming story

A dreamy Fairytale Storyboard, complete with 3 images arranged in a striking 10×20 composition tells a delightful little story of your child interacting in a mystical forest.  Of course, these images also be hand-artworked to include all the magical extras—bits of light, stardust, enchanting fairy wings, reflective water and more.


The complete experience—yours to cherish

Bound in a vintage leather cover, like a classic storybook, our Heirloom Storybook Album tells the full story of your child’s experience in this imaginative forest world and is our most popular add-on.  With up to 10 pages of fully-artworked images, complete with all the magical touches, you can showcase all your child’s adorable expressions and activities.  Over the years, you will both enjoy reading through this adventure together—dream up a new story every time!


An enchanting keepsake for your tabletop

Bound in a vintage leather cover, like the Storybook Album, our Keepsake Folio also tells a charming miniature story.  Include your most loved fully-artworked 3 images side by side that showcase your child’s imaginative time in our garden to have a priceless gift for yourself or even for another family member to enjoy in an “every day” area in your home! 

Pricing: Planning for your Heirloom Portrait investment

Although no minimum purchase is required, it’s a good idea to plan to own these beautiful keepsakes to remember this special time. Portrait pricing begins at $500 and many of our delighted parents will invest anywhere between $800-3000 and above. Purchase a collection to benefit from a savings of 15- 50%.